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42nd Regiment Re-enactments

The 42nd Highland Regiment of Foot will be performing a series of military re-enactments as per the schedule below. There will also be a Napoleonic tented period camp for you to see how a soldier in the King's Army in the year 1815 lived and welcome you to come and see us and ask questions.


Volley Firing Salute and our general salute and present arms to the Mayor along the river bank adjacent to where we are camped.


Display of drill and musketry with firing of muskets and 3 Lb field canon. This display gives the public an insight into how the King's Army of 1815 drilled and dealt with the enemy at the most famous of battles. The Battle of Waterloo which is the era we portray, there is also a section in the display where we disperse towards the crowd (keeping a safe distance away) we go through the loading and firing procedure by instruction from the sergeant. This gives a close up view of the soldier loading and then firing the weapon. The display lasts about 20 min's but can go on for 30 min's, depending on how long you want the display to go on for.


A firing competition between two sections of soldiers, the first to load and fire off 3 rounds is the winner, the losers are then shouted at by the sergeant. This was a standard training aid as the King's Army could load and fire 3 rounds a min compared to the French Army 2 rounds a min. This display lasts about 10 min's.


Display of drill and musketry (as per 12:00 timing).


A dual between the officers who have a dispute over an issue of the day, (Normally women or money or both. Quite funny and has a twist to the ending).


Drill and musketry display, (As per 12:00 timing).